World Tour
Ximending icon CNGarden Floating Market icon CWK
Ximen. Yuyuan Gar. Floati. CWK
Female boss
Giant Centipede
Giant Centipede
Name World Tour
Other Names WT, Version exclusive, Version original
Amount of maps Many
Locations in World Tour Japan, China, North-America, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
Based on The culture and enviroment of the continent in the real world.
First Introduced JapanMS, date unknown.
Popularity 100%100%
Usefulness 100%100%

Main Discussion

Exclusive Maps are also often known as World Tour maps.
Those maps are maps that are released in non-Korean versions of MapleStory first rather than in Korea, and mostly relate to the culture or influences of the particular country.

JapanMS was the first version to release a World Tour area, Zipangu. It currently also holds the title of highest leveled area in MapleStory with Neo Tokyo, the future version of Tokyo.
Most World Tour areas are either called after their country or after an older name of their country.

The only versions without their own World Tour are BrazilMS, EuropeMS, VietnamMS and KoreaMS.
World Tour has been removed from KoreaMS due to it unbalancing the game. World Tour removal has not taken place in any other MS version yet.

World Tour areasEdit