Ximending icon Night Market icon Taipei101
Ximending Nght. Mrkt. 101
Biker Monkey
Biker Monkey
Crazy Myou-z-Ke
Name Taiwan
Other Names Formosa, TW, Republic of China, ROC
Amount of maps Many
Locations in Taiwan Ximending, Night Market and 101 Avenue.
Based on Taiwan (Republic of China), but mainly on Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.
First Introduced TaiwanMS, date unknown.
Popularity Unknown%
Usefulness 80% 80%

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The official world map of the Formosa continent.

Taiwan's name differs per MS version.

It's called Formosa in TaiwanMS and ThailandMS, whilst it's called Taiwan in JapanMS.
Formosa is the name the Portugese gave to Taiwan when they came there, it translates to "Beautiful".
The areas in Formosa are based on real-life area's and events, Ximending is based on the real-life area Ximending. Whilst 101 Avenue is based on the real-life building called Taipei 101.

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Ximending icon Ximending
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