Name Ossyria
Amount of maps Too many to count
Locations in Ossyria Orbis, El Nath, Ludus Lake, Minar Forest, Temple of Time, Edelstein, Mu Lung, Nihal Desert and Erev.
Based on Unknown
Popularity Unknown%
Usefulness 100%100%

Main Discussion

Ossyria was one of the first new areas introduced to MapleStory. At it's release it only excisted out of Orbis, but later Aqua Road and El Nath were added to the continent.
Orbis is the main connection between Victoria Island and the rest of the Maple world, from Orbis you can travel to Mu Lung, Leafre, Victoria Island, Ludibrium and Ariant.

Under the continent of Ossyria, there are various areas and expansions, currently Europe MapleStory is only lacking four of those areas.

Ossyria areasEdit