Ulu City

A minimap of Ulu City, the future image of Singapore.

Ulu City is based on Singapore, due to the enormous amount of trees in the city Singapore, this might be what becomes of it in the future. It can be accessed from the map "Urban Area 2".
Ulu City also holds the strongest boss of Singapore; Krexel, a huge tree who actually IS the map.
If you die here you respawn in 'Singapore : CBD'.


Normal Maps:
Singapore : Entrance to Ulu City
Singapore : Ulu Estate I
Singapore : Ulu Estate II
Singapore : Ulu Estate III
Singapore : Along the Ulu City
Singapore : Centre of Ulu City
Singapore : The Destroyed Park I
Singapore : The Destroyed Park II

Other Maps [Ulu City]:
Singapore : Long Kiss Duku Good Night (Minidungeon)
Singapore : Ruin of Krexel I (Krexel pre-boss map)
Singapore : Ruin of Krexel II (Krexel boss map)

Other Maps [Singapore]:
Singapore : Remaining Memories of the Ship (Mysterious Path 3 Minidungeon)

Singapore : Entrance to Ulu City
Singapore : Entrance to Ulu City

Roaming MonstersEdit

See the mobs of Singapore section.