Village Outskirt

A minimap of the outskirt of the village.

This map contains some monsters and an NPC, it's generally a dead end. There is a portal at the left bottom linking to an Isolated House.
If you enter the portal at the right part of the map, you end up in the first map of the Golden Temple.


Thailand : Toad Pond
Thailand : Frog Pond
Thailand : Floating Market
Thailand : Brilliant Swamp
Thailand : Isolated House
Thailand : The outskirt of the village
Thailand : Small Jungle
Thailand : Red Jungle
Thailand : Deep Jungle

Thailand : Isolated House
Thailand : Monkey Forest I

Roaming MonstersEdit

Yellow Lizard Toad
Level: 25 Level: 28
Yellow Lizard
HP: 500 HP: 720
EXP: 46 EXP: 58